A quick overview of Clarisketch

A quick overview of Clarisketch
EDIT: I have now added QR codes for the videos to the pupils’ books to allow readers to find the video and how it fits into the learning process for that unit of work. 

I have been using the Clarisketch app on Android for a few weeks now, and have used it in several different ways. The app is a voice and annotation recorder with a very simple interface. The app records your voice and annotations to a limit of 2 minutes and then uploads the finished file to the Clarisketch servers. You are provided with a unique URL to view the video, which you can choose to make public or only accessible to those with the link.

The great thing about the app is that the resulting video can then be viewed in any browser on near enough any device with an internet connection. The possibilities for this are amazing and the apps versatility is shown by looking at just a few of the sketches that have been shared on the clarisketch.com website.

Within lessons the app has had a great impact on boys writing, engaging them in oral rehearsal of a story and helping them to plan for a retell. We used Pie Corbett style actions to help learn the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain and then sketched out a rough story map onto a comic strip type frame. I deliberately told my group not to add all the details and told them we would be animating the story maps on Clarisketch. Each pupil used the app to take a photo of their comic strip and then they retold the story as they added animated annotations to the story map. Examples of their work can be found here.

Pupils then used playback of the video to help them when writing a retell of the story. This playback not only gave the pupils a verbal reminder of the structure of their sentences, similar in the way talking tins can be used, but also a visual prompt enabling the pupils to access their ideas in two formats simultaneously. This method has produced some great work from the pupils and helped focus them on the structure of their writing. I will continue to use Clarisketch in this manner to see if the positive effect on writing continues.

I have also used Clarisketch as a teaching aid, using the app to explain written calculation methods to pupils as part of my Google Classroom Experiment which I will expand upon in a blog soon.

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