Self Marking Sheets

Instant feedback for students thanks to conditional formatting.

I have been playing around with Google Sheets, a standard feature of Google Apps, to see if I can make use of some of the features found within the app. I have used conditional formatting before in Excel to sort mark sheets and keep track of students scores, because I liked the fact that I could see which pupils were on track at a glance. What if I could give the same feedback to pupils as they entered their answer into a cell?

I set about creating a template within Google Sheets that would be easy for pupils to follow and give that instant feedback. Once the template was set I entered conditional formatting formulas relevant to the operation that the pupils would be working with and set the background colour to green for a correct answer and orange for an incorrect one. As pupils enter the answer the formulas look for a correct response and provide the appropriate feedback.

Here is a link to my prototype sheet, Self Marking Sheet. It is currently in view mode to preserve the conditional formatting, use “file” and “make a copy” to create an editable version, feel free to use it as you want and let me know in the comments if it has been useful.

I am also working on a randomized times table speed grid with similar instant feedback, which I hope to finish soon.

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