Happy New Year! !raeY weN yppaH

A quick post to start off the new year on an app that I have been playing around with over the festive season. Taking inspiration from a video produced as part of the DENSI last summer I have been looking for an effective way of reversing videos.

The DENSI video was reversed in iMovie, I was looking for an Android equivalent and after trying out a few apps I found Reverse. It is add supported so as long as you don’t mind the adds popping up after you’ve reversed your clip it works really well.

There are several options for your clip. You can have just the reversed clip. The original clip and the reverse or vice versa. You can add your own soundtrack or use the ones provided, or keep your original audio (reversed of course).

Here are a few examples from my experimentation over the holiday period.

No doubt there are more creative ways to use reversed video, especially in school, but it is nice to have the tools necessary easily to hand.

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